Anybody think it might be worth going 21 points into shaman for the Raid-wide resist buffs? Not necessarily for a raid spec, but maybe a cool rift farming spec, or it might have uses in pvp? The basic spec (although only spent like 20 minutes on it) that I'm looking at is this:,5_&lang=eng

A few things I'd have to consider are how many builds out there will already have the shaman buff covered, how well the damage would fit in as opposed to another solid healing build. Just wondering about your honest opinions.

Pros: Versatile Resistance Buff
Increased survivability talents
Vengeance of the Ageless Ice could be a useful mana-regen cooldown, when coupled with the mandatory damage increasing talents it could make the build relatively versatile

Cons: 21 points into a non-healing tree
Furthermore, it woul be necessary to take some damage-increasing talents