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Thread: Builds that are different

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    Default Builds that are different

    Anyone have any builds that are different from the norm? Builds that, at first glance sound broken and useless, but after further deliberation, might actually work?

    Mine is a Justicar/Cabal/Purifier non-main tank. It's job is basically to pick up adds or to take some of the heat off of the main tank during large trash packs. It might work well for rifts also.

    It's more of a maybe build, one to screw around in, but I think it has a bit of potential.

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    Have a pretty not-normal levelling build in my guide (check signature), which I believe works very well. There's also description of Rotations etc.
    Cleric and zone-flow levelling guide for Guardians: kortlink.dk/cleric/8ptq
    Very sweet post about how Clerics work, you should definetly check it out (all credits to Vi3l): kortlink.dk/8q59!

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