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Thread: LF Healing spec for zone events

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    Default LF Healing spec for zone events

    Still trying out the Cleric, and just donít have enough time to raid. Seems most builds are designed for experts, organized raids or soloing. I was looking for a healing build to switch to when on an IA boss, or zone event boss or even a rift (though doesnít appear much healing needed there). Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    ST: puri
    AoE: warden

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    I think of zone events as easy-mode raid bosses except with uncoordinated rabble for your team.

    Use any raid healing spec you like, but if it's tank heals, put it on @targettarget and target the boss though because people will be taunting when they shouldn't.

    If it's AE heals, it's like normal except you have to be extra careful to stay out of stuff's way because half the time if there even is a tank it's not someone who's paying attention to your death. This applies to ST heals too I guess but it's slightly easier in that case to stay out of trouble

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    ST healing in a set up such as a zone event is a Nightmare.

    Warden is by far the best option to bring. EVERYBODY seems to take a lot of damage and needs healing. Warden 61pts does this very well. The addition of 8 pts Justicar help give out additional healing on straight up geyser spam.

    This helps in pretty much all situations of group healing in general. Your not going to be the best ST healer but that's also not your job but you can do some still decent ST healing in a pinch in junction with all your group healing.

    Warden is by far one of my Favorite souls.

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