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Thread: Purifier Guide (or Ramblings...)

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    Default Purifier Guide (or Ramblings...)

    Hey guys,

    I've been looking through the Purifier class a bit and decided to write up some of my initial thoughts on the soul. Keep in mind I've only played through Beta5 and have not actually used some of these skills, nor seen it paired. This is more based on the tooltips that ZAM provides and some comparisons with the other healing souls.

    The talent / spell breakdown has been a frustration in terms of getting the table width to extend, but otherwise I've tried to clean it up as much as I can. Let me know your thoughts on Purifier and whether or not I need to rethink some of the talents / spells, and whether you have a spec you're lookin for trying!

    Purifier Soul Breakdown
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    Hey I've glad you've summed and our thoughts are kind of on the same boat, they are making a lot of changes apparently to Purifiers to make them more dependent on shields/wards which has never really been my play style, as it seems to be a lot harder to keep track of how much healing you have to do when your heals (wards) doesn't really give you the numbers/

    They seem to be lacking if you're looking into solo healing a 5-man as sentinel/warden can do the job tons better than a purifier could.

    I believe when I used Fiery Blessing its starting counter was 5 so you get +50% critical chance down scaling 10% per successful critical heal.
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    I agree with alot of what you said, I really like to class but i think its alot more pvp oriented. Something to combine with templar so you can have the strong single target healing.

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    Right now it seems to be a good secondary/third soul to back up a warden or sentinel heavy build due to its crits passives and sheilds/wards.

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    i main heal off a purifier for PvE fine but i am more than a little worried that after the sentinel being rather lacklustre the purifier is now replacing in, the sentinel and warden just seem to be able to kick out far more healing on a single target, supposedly our speciality.

    as for the shields, the combat log does show how much is absorbed ...

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