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Thread: Lvling/dungeons build

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    Default Lvling/dungeons build

    Hi guys, i've been wondering which build/soul would be nice for lvling and doing dps in dungeons. I'm a newbie and i've been searching for builds and find out shaman and druid stuff but for 60+. I'm currently a lvl 30 cabalist and I think it's the best choice because i've always loved AoE dmg and won't buy any soul. Or there is another build you guys could tell me? Or should i just leave this character and move on to mage?

    I really think the BoF, disintegration, ToD combo is superb but someone told me in a random dungeon: 'this is the dps? this dungeon will take a while'. So now i feel really dissapointed because i thought i was doing a fine job.

    Besides, single target builds aren't going to help a lot in dungeons and grinding right?

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    Both druid and inquisitor are good for leveling and good for dungeons. cabalist is good for aoe, but may be kinda weak on single targets for example dungeon bosses.

    Once you hit 50 you want a dedicated solo build and a separate dungeon build. Your solo build needs defense.

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