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Thread: Hybrid warden + damage spec

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    Default Hybrid warden + damage spec

    I am looking to put together a spec for the wonderful grind that is nightmare rifts . I am a healer at heart and unless the group already has a couple of healers I usually run 61 warden pitching in what I can on damage on the waves that have little to no damage which is typically 8-11kDPS.

    Because of this I have been wondering if there is a better spec out there to cover a raid healing role but with better damage. Have been playing around with the soul tree and not sure if it would be worth doing a pure hybrid like 41 warden with 35 inquisitor or defiler.
    Know I could manage with a core heal set of flood, geyser, cataract and pool but really not convinced I would gain much in damage with a hybrid since the big damage hitters require a lot more points spent in the damage tree. Or would it be best to stick as high as possible on warden and supplement with the extra wisdom, SP and damage from both defiler and oracle.

    Has anyone looked into build like this and have any suggestions?

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    I would suggest something like 41 oracle 35 warden if that's the route you are taking. Really messed up spec though. Ultimately, you will have a 1s gcd which comes in really handy for unity. You will still have effusion for burst heals.

    Idk man, sounds like you want chloro

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    Probably not the answer that you want to hear, but it's the one you need to hear:

    Just use a pure DPS spec. Once you learn the mechanics of these rifts, they basically boil down to a big fat DPS check. The higher your DPS is, the further you'll get in the rift.

    NMR's don't fail because there was a little extra healing needed, they fail because the timer ran out before everything died. Your presence in the rift is causing the mobs to have more HP, so you need to provide the damage needed to overcome that extra HP.

    This is especially true in instanced NMR's where the number of people is limited.

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    Assuming you do not have Defiler?

    I usually just run Cab in NMR's its fairly amazing to hit 150k+ dps on the big ad stages.
    Defiler would do just what your looking for, allow some decent healing via links/fg and feedback with the right masteries a decent amount of passive heals and good amount of DPS.

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