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Thread: How to play as Justicar

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    Default How to play as Justicar

    Hey everyone,

    So i recently downloaded/installed the base game of Rift, and am wondering how i can play as a justicar. Any help would be great.


    P.S. Please keep the comments reasonable

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    There's a guide section for clerics that has basic tanking info.

    Clerics use a shield and mace/dagger for tanking. As you level the abilities you gain should be easy enough to understand.

    Rift lets you have multiple roles/specs. Pick a damage role for leveling. Tanking doesn't really come into effect until close to level 20 when dungeons open up and when zone events require someone who can tank. When you get a few levels you can buy a second spec and choose the tank preset.

    For the most part, you don't need any special gear as you level *except* a shield and one handed weapon. Your leveling gear will do. As you approach max level you start needing tank specific gear.

    Welcome and good luck!

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