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Thread: Cleric Build please.

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    Default Cleric Build please.

    Hi to all.
    I'm very noob, i know.
    Since i get instant level 60 boost boundle from a my lovely friend (i was level 40 only), i dont know a lot of things about rift.

    Now i get level 61 in cleric.

    My souls now are: 61 inquisitor, 5 sentinel, 10 shaman.

    I'm learning a little bit of pvp, but i'm not strong. I got killed after 1 minute max.
    So i'm looking for a good build for pvp and if you want for solo too.
    And if you are a very very very simpatic and a kind guy, you can help me learning something, you will get a good friend ^^
    me <---
    .................................................. .Thanks........................................... ....

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    For the most part in rift, whether it's PvP or PvE, it all comes down to how you want to play.

    There are many advantages and disadvantages of different specs, and as such generally it depends on the player as to what spec they want to play. That spec could change greatly based on how the player wants to accomplish something.

    On the other hand, there is the Raiding world.

    In the raiding world, players generally min/max every aspect of their roles, generally to one extreme.

    such as:
    Maximum potential dps output.
    Maximum potential hps output.
    Maximum potential damage mitigation/health

    That being said, your spec is only slightly different from one of the potential Maximun dps output specs.

    Because of PvP values you won't have any significant heals besides your Judicial privledge.

    In PvE, that spec has just enough self healing to keep you up and running most the time.

    I can't say that i have an alternative spec for you to use, considering that your spec is nearly the same as what i'd use.

    offshoots would be:
    inquis/cab/shaman (Dw+sp)
    inquis/cab/defiler (Dw+Rageblight)
    inquis/shaman/oracle (max sp)

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    Thanks, but i can't buy nothing from the rift store, because i dont have a credit card or a prepaid, and i can't make one only for this game... (So i can't get che oracle.)
    Another time thank you for the fast reply.... But i want to see other replies too ^,^

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    id you wantmy honest opinion, lvling as inq isnt as easy as lvling indruid. theres a bit more sirvivability, your tank pet usually alt least halves the dmg you take even if you cant kill him fast ehough (which isnt usually the case anyways) and there are a LOT of buffs you get from 61-point druid. if you want to wait, and only spend 51, thats fine too, but you can alos put a few points in shammy for the dmg reduction, or the crit bonus after that, but i usually pair that with justicar focus on salvation heal bonuses and healing abilities. you deal life damage and physical dmg as a druid so salvation gets a bonus from that as well

    but if you want to use inq as a lvling spec, pair it with defilier (wisd and dmg/heal/aand the healing dmg dot from that) and either shammy or justicar. again with the salvation bonuses... 1/3 your abilities as a inq are life based
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