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Thread: What Synergy Crystals are you using?

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    Default What Synergy Crystals are you using?

    As a dps, I'm currently using the Annihilation Crystal (non instant and non channeled buff) and I kinda feel like I should be using the Eldritch Crystal (instant and channeled buff).

    Thoughts? What are you guys using?

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    im currently using the Eldritch and with a slight adjustment to my Inq rotation (split up the DoT's so they need refreshing 1 after each BoD except in burst block as the channels proc it just fine) i have a 100% up time of both portions of it. i looked at the other crystal to boost cast time abilities and thought that since i regularly swap between Shaman, Inq, Cab and Oracle the cast time boost is useless ina all but 1.

    from what i can tell the cast boost is only really any use in Inq but if you plan to use more than just Inq the other is far better. id hazard a guess that since the cleric/mage Synergy Crystals are the same that the cast boost is more to their suiting (although i dont play a mage) but is open for both classes.

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