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Thread: inquisitor aoe?

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    Default inquisitor aoe?

    will inquisitor get aoe buff, or better aoe abilities? thnks.

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    not with the current adjustments that are up on PTS, and nothing in Mastery at this time. maybe in future once the Mastery system is settled but for now if you want a combination either Shaman for Melee (very good ST with decent AoE) or Cabalist for ranged (decent ST, very good AoE). neither are top in their secondary role (ST vs AoE) but can perform well enough for encounters requiring some AoE.

    Inquisitor doesn't really need any more AoE anyway, maybe just an adjustment to CoO to make it worth using, as there is limited places to use it outside of trash (unless this changes in 3.0, doubtful). but for fights like Proteus Inquisitors AoE is about right. throw in the odd SD for the add phase while ST on the Construct then full ST burst/nuke for the boss phase (although Shaman is still better here).

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