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    Default shaman

    So since every class can do everything now and cleric is no longer needed to be the jack of all trades master of none.

    I was wondering if shaman could get a lil love, its a fun interesting class to play in but it could really use a 2nd burst ability since deep freeze has a 1min cool down, maybe something on a 30sec cool down that could be a channel for when you absolutely can't melee a boss like Harbinger's.

    Or a physical version of an execute attack, a 1min ability similar to grasping the horizon or phantom blades. Anything really to bump us up shoulder to shoulder with other DPS.

    I'm not talking about smacking target dummies either, I mean real fights where even 5 sec of disconnect due to boss self aoe causes a significant DPS loss on our part.

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    Shaman is in a pretty good spot right now, although that doesn't mean it cannot be improved. I don't think giving it more buttons to push is the right idea as it already has several. It seems the trend for most souls is moving towards having fewer buttons, not more. I'd much rather have vex and EoL removed from the rotation and have other abilities buffed/changed to compensate for it. It would make the rotation a lot smoother.

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    in 3.0 there will be a mastery to allow Fervent strike (from Druid) to be used at 20m finally giving us a ranged physical attack. and also another ability (level 65 Mastery, cant remember its name) that hits "hard" and refreshes both FW and EoL (and I believe its got a range as well off the top of my head). both of these grant a bit of QoL and potential DPS increase especially with disconnects. I think we will see more Mastery balances in the near future before any further soul reworks.

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