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Thread: 3.0 leveling spec

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    Default 3.0 leveling spec

    Hey all

    Any ideas which would be the best spec for leveling in the xpac? In SL i remember i was using druid, at first levels the destroyer pet, but the i switched to healing fairy.But i also saw people leveling up with shaman, defiler.... etc.
    So what do you think will be the most survivable and with the most damage output?
    (Just came back after a few months so i have no idea whats the state of the souls)

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    if no soul changes are made between now and 3.0 I would say Druid is still on top in terms of solo across all souls so will be decent for NT levelling. other options are Seatins Inquisitor solo build and the Def/Cab (especially since Cab rework). since Kervik has mentioned that Inq is the next soul for him to look at the inquisitor solo/levelling build may change, id assume more DPS for less utility as that seems to be the general debate on some threads ive seen, so may not be viable for solo?

    also don't forget we will be gaining masteries which will change how you play some souls/combinations so solo/levelling builds may change as you gain levels and new soul combinations will be born!! (well that's the theory behind the Masteries according to Trion, will have to wait and see)

    Personally ill be sticking with Druid as I enjoy playing that soul and since it doesn't get a look in for raids I don't use it much so will be nice to go back to enjoy it again once more.

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