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Thread: New cleric user have some basic question

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    Default New cleric user have some basic question


    Im pretty new with cleric ( lvl 35 ) and i have some basic ( or stupid ) question :

    1) For leveling i use a druid build, but my tank pet are completely useless and i tank better with my healer pet .... Especially when i pull 2-3 mobs. it is normal ?

    2) For doing big AoE ( 8-10 mobs), do i must wait Upheaval skill ? And how can my tank pet survive ? i fell that he is so weak right now.

    3) About Healing : I had try puri and sentinel and i know that i can use both for 5-man dungeon withtout any problem .... but what about warden and defier ? im afraid to test those souls in dungeon.

    4) About PVP, i heard that warden are not good but as a secondary healer, maybe it can be usefull ?

    5) What about cabalist/inqui/defier/shaman in PVP ? Any good and usefull utility ?

    6) About addon to help with healing a group or a raid. Im using addon gadget with custom raid frame ( for Horizontal frame ) and i wonder if it's a good idea to use " Mouseoverui" macro for every heal spell i got ?

    7) Does anyone can offer me Oracle soul ?

    PS : Thanks and sorry for my bad english.

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    1. personally i used the druid tank pet and gathered everything in range for it to tank while i killed them but i started with that spec at lvl 50 so it is entirely possible that it is easier to just get healed at lower levels. i have seen people do it both ways, whatever gets the job done is good.

    2. i don't remember having issues but a si said i started a bit late on that spec, also it was more than a year ago but i am pretty sure not much has changed in the druid tree

    3.puri and sent are good and what you should be using. warden is primarily an AoE healer so it is better for when the whole party is taking a lot of damage. defiler is ... different, i do not know quite how well it works as a pure healer at low levels but thinking about the skills you would have access to i can not imagine it would be great. at max level it is mostly used to reduce the total damage that a few people take while DPSing and throwing a few spot heals when needed. i have used it for healing dungeons when i wanted to change things up a bit, but it is not as easy as purifier or sentinel.

    4.+5. i do not PvP but for PvE group content, inquisitor is your best bet for DPS unless you are quite comfortable with being melee(a lot more mechanics and such to keep track of) at which point i would recommend shaman

    6. if you heal a lot, which it sounds like you do, i would recommend going into your settings and finding the option to "always show raid frames" it will probably be under interface. this makes it easier to see health and debuffs that need to be cleansed. i am not sure what the gadgets frames looks like but if it handles that part well then ignore me.

    6.5. not every healing spell but a few are good to have so that you can spot heal the party, essentially anything that is real quick and can be thrown at somebody if they get hit unexpectedly. for puri you should definitely have shields easy to spread as they are pretty invaluable.

    7. for oracle, basically every good spec out there uses all points spent in oracle. a lot of people use inquisitor for the rest of the points.
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