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Thread: Warden SP or CP??

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    Default Warden SP or CP??

    I'd like to know which stat to prioritize as a Warden. I'm guessing SP, and that is what i have focused on mainly.

    Right now selfbuffed i have:

    Wisdom - 3123
    Sp - 7184
    Cp - 439

    That is without any vials/feast.

    A little advice from a more experienced warden would be appreciated. Am i doing it right?
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    Personally id say SP is always above CP when it comes to healers. this is because you want higher base non-crit heals you can rely on whereas crit heals you cant matchup with mechanics so not much use (unless you use Puri's Flashover CD to force a crit).

    that being said there is an exception to the rule for Puri see this thread that puts an argument for having some CP due to its shields not "overhealing" so crits aren't as much waste as actual heals. this being said, to summarise that thread, you want enough SP to ensure you can heal an encounter without a single crit comfortably, then stack some CP to boost your shield crits to cushion the blows on the tanks more.

    as a general rule I would suggest stacking SP and take what ever CP/Crit comes along with it. preferably have 2 gear sets, one for healing (SP) and one for DPS (CP). personally I don't have time for 2 sets and kinda mix and match and I can heal/DPS perfectly fine although it can be hard to find the right mix.

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