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Thread: Came back to Rift few days ago need help

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    Default Came back to Rift few days ago need help

    I played this game back in 2011 when it came out and I have made a come back to this game. Now I have a 46 cleric and when I use to play it was all about the HOT healing.

    I've looked for guides about healing but all of it is either out dated or end game guides on clerics.

    So my question, what is the best solo leveling spec as well as healing spec? Is there a up dated guide for 2.8 with HOT healing or just fire healing? Please help!

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    Great leveling spec - it's melee with a few ranged abilities. Strong and survivable, dps is pretty good, and you have a pocket healer, tank, or dps at your command.

    Good healing specs:
    All point in sentinel, 0 warden for hots, leftover points in purifier. Excellent single target healer. Aoe healing is weak, but mainly healing breath (talented to heal target + up to 2 others at a reduced amount) and divine call (aoe heal on 1m cd) will get you through most mishaps while leveling. If not, you also have instant cast symbol of the torch from puri tree as well as ticking hots from warden to buy time to get off a casted heal.

    All points in purifier, 0 warden, leftover in sentinel. People love purifier now. It's not hard to play, and preventive shielding is more effective than reactive healing. However, if you are just learning mechanics on fights, this spec might be unforgiving, it has fewer saves than sentinel. This spec shines more when you can reasonably predict targeted damage and prevent it from happening or being as bad with shields/absorbs.

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