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Thread: Cleric Build for Leveling/Solo

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    Default Cleric Build for Leveling/Solo

    I know there is the druid build and the inquisitor build. I have tested them both and they are exactly what I am looking for. I played Shaman and Druid in WoW because I enjoy playing a healer class because I can go a dps spec and still have some backup personal healing if needed. Obviously I wouldn't dungeon or raid with the spec, but that is how I like to solo.

    From what I gather from Rift, it has a lot of different soul options, but the reall good talents aren't until higher in the tree, so typically you still end up with a pure dps spec, or a pure tank spec, or a pure healing spec. I cannot seem to find a good spec that mixes some dps with some backup personal healing/survivability.

    Any help is appreciated.


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    Cleric don't really have that many all-in-one builds because it has so many different type souls, but:

    For good solo build with bit self healing you can try holy fire shaman preset or druid with healing pet.

    For bit more healing and average aoe you can try cabalist/defiler. Place beacon, pull mobs, keep beacon alive and aoe mobs down. Here is some variant of it, it has some loose points so you can tweak it to your liking.

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    Default My build

    This is a build given to me by Prideofthecloud@Wolfsbane. my guild uses it, i use it, message me in game if you have any questions about it... Rojoippotis@Wolfsbane http://forums.riftgame.com/game-disc...pve-druid.html
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