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Thread: Warden buffs/bug fixes

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    Default Warden buffs/bug fixes

    Is there the possibly some buffs warden is able to get?

    Issue 1 - DPS

    Wardens are fine due to their bursty nature, however, with the current phystacts, warden has mostly no place in raids due to the lack of a power core. 2 competent phystacts provide more overall raid dps and warden's st dps is severely lacking when compared with a full raid heals chloro.

    We require to keep up 3/4 dots every 15 seconds, that's almost 4.5/6 seconds devoted to just putting up dots that doesn't heal the raid. Even so , the dots are really weak, at 11k over 15 seconds x 4,and call of the depths with it's incredibly **** ramp up time. And this dots will fall off when there's channeled raid damage inc. And if you are dual dotting, there's almost no capacity to aoe heal if you want to be at full efficiency. And this is only using gcds for essential cooldowns.

    Toxic infection from Phystact does almost 5k per gcd and it does essentially 3/4 dots without the requirement of actively putting it up. Thus, you get more heals and dps for 0 work done. Chloros just has a higher base damage on all it's abilities. If we can only do like 1k-1.5k off a phystact which only does 2 damaging abilities on a 15s and 10m interval, it just proves that it's broken. Buff warden's dps to comparable levels of a chloro. We don't even have a power core/wild growth/obscene tank heals/overshielding, at least make it somewhat less off-putting when playing a warden and when we compare that with phystact or a chloro.

    Currently, we do around 6k for an extended fight whereby we rotate cooldowns. ( Aky)

    Suggested Fixes - DPS:

    1) Give us a new ability that refreshes all current dots that's off gcd.
    2) Increase the base damage of all abilities/increase tree's passive damage per point/increase damage from bosun blessing.
    3) Lower Tidal surge cooldown and recovery from damaging abilties, allow us to use it more often. This has to be complemented with base damage buff.
    4) Buff included with Bosun Blessing or higher in the passive tree, damaging abilities only has a 1s gcd.
    5) Our DoTs, last for longer. Especially the ones in the warden tree. Call of the Depths has double scaling, Oversaturation lasts for 10m.
    6) Give us a form of power core/wild growth in every healing spec, this includes Liberator, Sentinel and every other healing spec in the game, you're not able to double spec this with a multi-point soul distribution.

    Second issue - Consistent AoE heals / General Bug fixes

    Surely this has to be an issue plaguing many other players as well, Warden's do not simply have enough raid heals to satisfy consistent heavy incoming damage outside of a preloaded cataract (which heals for ****), monsoon and ripple (which bugs to hell), healing flood (450 hps ain't gonna cut it); Downpour (Doesn't have pushback immunity).

    I'm going to make the comparison to Liberator (Which also requires some buffs to make it viable), mass casualty response hits 20 targets, stacks to 3, takes only a 1second gcd.
    The only "better" factor of comparing healing flood to mcr is essentially the 2% mitigation for 6 seconds. And in order to counteract the mitigation loss, when say comparable to a healing effusion, with my current gear; hits for 4.2k with bosun, you require to take 210k damage to make it worth it. There's no boss in this game that does 210k raid damage over 6 seconds, that's virtually unhealable with our current tier and gear.

    So yes, we have issues with our consistent raid heals, but what about our cooldown raid heals?

    Monsoon has really weird interaction, instead of just providing 10 players with healing flood, 4x soothing stream and healing spray. It uses the base AoE range from the player to the target to discern whether healing flood will hit, thus applying only the other 2 buffs. Even so, it glitches and sometimes only apply healing spray without soothing stream, or vice versa. Or even healing flood without anything else. Also, for a raid cooldown, why doesn't monsoon hit the user (which generally has shared excess) all the time, it's insurmountable logic why it doesn't do so. Also, we have no idea how or what targets do the cooldown spread to. Reactive healing abilities heal the weakest/most damaged members first. For preloaded hots, who does it target? I've seen times whereby my monsoon do not hit a severely damaged player; even though they are in melee range of where I'm and instead hit the 40k non-damaged dps.

    This also continues on to the next issue, ripple, the amazing ability that does almost nothing.
    Firstly, it hits 5 targets.
    Secondly, it doesn't know or register current targets that has monsoon buff up, so it's useless pairing it with monsoon.
    Thirdly, it doesn't spread all HoTs.
    Fourthly, out of the 2 HoTs that it's supposed to be spreading, sometimes it doesn't spread either one of the two. And in some cases, none at all. Even though people are in range.
    Fifthly, range issues.

    Suggested Fixes - HoTs/Bugs.

    1) Healing flood heals for x3/4/5, or more/stacks up to a certain number. Damage mitigation increased to 6% (Reef Barrier) and hits 20 targets in range, range increased to 35m.
    2) Healing Cataract cast time reduced to 1.5 seconds instead of 2.0 seconds.
    3) Remove diminishing hps from soothing stream over time (This is from an era when wardens were op in wfs, it has long passed, it's from 1.3)
    4) Bug fixes on Monsoon and Ripple.
    5) Range upgrade on all AoE abilities.
    6) Ripple hits 10 targets, spreads Healing flood, Healing Spray and Soothing Stream, uses Tidal Surge buff.
    7) Healing spray/Soothing Stream/Healing Flood uses only a 1sec gcd.
    8) Downpour, able to be cast whilst moving 6s channel. Targets players in an area around you, A ground indication is provided similar to other aoe abilities.
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