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Thread: Salvation Question

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    Default Salvation Question

    its been a few years since i asked this question, so i am asking again?

    What kind of heal is salvation? Im trying to figure out if it can get any bonuses from healing souls.

    Also wanted to find out about the bonus from the justicar crystal. for an example the entry level crystal gives a 100 bonus to salvation. Is that bonus reduced to 25 if you use aoe?
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    Salvation does not count as a heal in terms of ST, AoE or an actual spell as it is an ability proc. for this reason I believe (in my testing) it only gets boosted by the generic healing boosts (including gifts) although it still does not get very high in terms of heals. (ive managed a base 800-900 non-crit but in a non practical build)

    in terms of the Crystal, it boosts the total heal of the ability (not affected by any boosts or passives) by 100. so it would only give a 25 bonus to non-Justicar AoE, 200 to Justicar ST (as it doubles the heal value) and 100 to everything else (Justicar AoE / non-Justicar ST)

    I might be wrong but this is my basic understanding of the ability as it currently sits. (someone may correct me)

    P.S. I wish they brought back the procs proccing other procs again. I miss the old -icar builds
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