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Thread: Cleric DPS gear upgrading priorities

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    Default Cleric DPS gear upgrading priorities

    I finally have enough ESMs to buy any piece of T1 gear (24,000). I am up to about 9k FES, so I will be able to hit something there very soon as well. Is there a best path to follow when upgrading pre-T1 gear to T1 and T2 for DPS roles?

    Should I just maximize hit? Go for CP/SP? I just don't want to but a piece of T1 that I will need to replace with my FES.

    Right now I am in a mix of crafted, drops, and a couple of store bought rings (65 and 78 hit)

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    Chest and legs 1st, because they cost the most. 2nd I would say, would be for the hit, so helm, gloves. Shoulders over belt/boots.

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    If you don't have it already the upgradable ring for 78 hit from ESM, and for FES the helmet is probably a high priority.

    If you know raids and can get in them get hit as your priority, if you don't know them I would do chest/legs first for best stats and second rarest items (weapons are the hardest to get)

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