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Thread: Thinking about coming back

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    Default Thinking about coming back

    So the last time I played was not long after the Regulos raid was released. How different is the game from then and how much fun is the cleric class now? I have been thinking about coming back to play the game for a little while as I have always enjoyed it.

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    a lot of things have changed, many of the souls have been totally revamped and others have had relatively minor changes.
    purifier: strongest ST healer now instead of an aoe shielder
    cabalist: totally redone to better adapt to different numbers of targets
    justicar: removed overhealing agro, lots of changes to make up for that

    those are the major changes that i can remember but if you want more specific details you can read all of the patch notes http://forums.riftgame.com/general-d...s/patch-notes/
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