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Thread: Spikey dps with shaman

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    Default Spikey dps with shaman

    Hi everyone, fairly new player trying to level up my cleric. So far Ive gotten to lvl 37 using a shaman spec but Im finding the damage to be very spikey. I can kill a mob real fast and then the one standing next to it can take forever. Ive even noticed mobs getting down to about 20% real fast then needing another 10+ seconds to finish killing it. Im fairly sure this is caused by cooldowns but its a bit hard to stay alive when you have 2-3 mobs hitting you and your not doing any damage, combined with the lack of heals for that spec.

    Any and all suggestions would be helpful.

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    For shaman damage to be effective, you need skill FROSTBITE (tier 7, middle skill).

    It makes your non-physical attacks buff your physical attacks
    Hence, you need to alternate attacks between physical and non-physical.

    Non-physical attacks have damage and some kind of elemental damage name on them,PLUS, they say taht a melee weapon is required eg :

    Icy blow (x water damage)
    Jolt (x air)
    Lightning hammer (x air)


    TL;DR 1 : non-phys attack tooltips show elemental damage + requires melee weapon

    Physical attacks just have damage on them and require melee weapon eg :

    Massive blow (x damage)
    Crushing blow (x damage)
    Combined effort (x damage) FROM DRUID TREE.

    TL;DR 2 : phys attack tooltips show only damage + requires melee weapon

    TL;DR 3 : alternate between non-phys and phys attacks.

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