As many have probably realized by now, there are a number of interesting combinations out there using Emblem of Alacrity to reduce Cleric DDs by 2s. What I am wondering is if anyone has taken the time to parse them out and what their results are.

Here are some possible combos:

31 Druid/4 Inquisitor: Emblem of Alacrity -- Bolt of Depravity (1s cast)
Emblem of Ice -- Emblem of Alacrity -- Bolt of Depravity
Emblem of Alacrity - Insignia of Blood (Tainted Emblems)

28 Justicar/7 Inquisitor: Hammer of Duty (+28% Life Damage)
Emblem of Alacrity -- Bolt of Judgment

30 Shaman/ 5 Warden: Probably Stick with Emblems for the passives?

Is there a Cabalist or Defiler variant?

You do lose .5s on the Justicar one because of using Life damage, but it means a charged up Hammer of Duty approximately every 9 - 11 seconds.

Anyway I am too lazy to go through and test them all, but I have always been a fan of nuking type specs and Oracle kind of opens up the door on a lot of combinations.

This is more of a thought experiment than looking for the bets min/max DPS spec (The Druid variant is probably that).