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Thread: Low level Cleric BG spec that #rekts people!

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    Default Low level Cleric BG spec that #rekts people!

    As the title suggests I would like to know a low level PvP spec that is effective at putting out some big butt damage?

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    Just focus on range and spells that are cast instantly for mobility. DoTs are good too at low levels. Here are some options:

    Inquisitor - +5 Range, Vex (DoT), Sanction heretic at 12 (DD+DoT)

    Justicar - Bolt of Radiance (DD) at 4

    Cabalist - DoTs at 2,6, and 8 I think. Also plus DoT damage and a good spammable insta DD in Dark Water.

    Druid - Trickster's Bolt at 6 Insta life DD. It doesn't do a lot of damage but it synergizes well with Justicar and Inquisitor as you head into the middle ranged levels.

    Warden - DoT and Water Jet (DD) at low level

    Oracle and Defiler both have DoTs under 10 points.

    You have a lot of options, I'd stay with mobility (instant spells) and DoTs. Just DoT load targets and move on, the vast majority of players in low level WFs won't be able to manage them.

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