Hey there,

I couldn't find a thread similiar to the sticky one in the Rogue forum where short questions go, so I'll just put them in a thread, hope nobody minds.
  1. Purifier: Is there any priority to shield absorption? Like, will shield that were applied first consumed first, or does it split equally? The reason I ask is because of flare up and general curiosity. I know it makes sense to apply Symbols first, anyway, but I was wondering if it might be worth waiting sometimes if you know there's a huge damage spike incoming.
  2. Cabalist: Is it possible that the tooltips for some of the abilities don't update correctly when switching between Obliteration modes? A quick forum search turned up a post by Kervik from April that it should be fixed, but especially Tyranny of Death displays random tooltips sometimes, is anyone else experiencing this?
  3. Cabalist again: Tyranny of Death says its damage splits between up to 3 in Condensed Obliteration, Condensed Obliteration says its spell target up to 5 enemies. Fighting 4 dummies, I felt like Tyranny of Death would target them all, but I'm not sure, input would be appreciated!
  4. Justicar: How does Doctrine of Glory vs Doctrine of Bliss behave on a side by side comparison? My guess so far: Doctrine of Bliss is useful for self-healing in for example Instant Adventures or Dungeons, Doctrine of Glory for easing the stress on your healer.
  5. Justicar: Salvation hits maximal 5 additional group members. Now, I've kinda lost the sight over the recent changes, but was this always the case, or did it use to heal the entire raid / all group members?
  6. General: Does Rift have something like a "healing priority", eg. the party members with the least health get priority for AOE heals or things like Overflowing Renewal?

On an unrelated note, how do you link abilities so they show up via tooltip like those splendid folks always do in their guides here in the forum?

Thanks for your time!