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Thread: Prebuilt for Leveling

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    Default Prebuilt for Leveling

    Which prebuilt is the "best" for leveling 1-60? I will do my research for DPS and various healing builds as I go, but I want a no-brainer for leveling. I don't mind a pet but am content to be without one. I have all the currently available Souls. Thanks in advance!
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    I'd go Druidicar

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    Definitely go with druid. With the pet healer you can literally run through mob after mob and laugh as the damage just goes away. Went 1-60 that way with no problems at all.

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    I want a no-brainer for leveling.

    1 button builder spam

    pet heals you

    can aoe also

    High burst damage with resounding blow and combined effort.

    2nd place is Holy fire Shaman

    better dps

    better aoe

    no pet.

    has a small heal, but sustains mostly by gaining hp by attacking

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    While I think you will get the most mileage out of the Druid/Justicar build, just to throw an alternative out there, once you get to the mid levels Defiler/Cabalist works really well for AoE clearing large groups.

    The key components to the build are the Beacon, the talents that place foul growth on your link targets, and all the AoE goodness from Cab, including the ability that spreads Tyranny to multiple targets.

    The build I'm linking below is horribly optimized, but just shows about what level you can pick up key talents to get this working, which is about level 32. You will likely find a better guide for it in the guides section.


    Again, just an alternative to the tried-and-true Druidicar, but this one will pick up any size group of mobs and chew through them like a meat grinder. Not that great if you are more of a single-target person though.
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