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Thread: Newish healer question

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    Default Newish healer question

    I've been putzing along on my cleric all day, gotten up to 16 or so.

    Obviously haven't done any dungeons yet, and I've just been using the auto-spend skill points button, because it's been pretty solid for the solo build so far.

    Problem is, I'm doing the defiler-based build (I have no clue what the game calls it), and...I can't really see how to heal with it on paper.

    I see that I have a few links, which I'm not sure how to use. I have 1 direct heal, and then foul growth which is a cast-then-wait effect? And the beacon of despair doesn't make a ton of sense to me.

    I really dig the build so far for solo, but can someone explain how to heal with it? I'm cracking up on 20 and I -know- there's a lot of synergy and tools I'm not understanding just by glancing at this.

    Kinda looks like I'd want to slap a link on the tank, but then all I do is hit him with loathsome restoration and husk of indifference, while foul growth should stack/proc/whatever based on casting LR? Which link should I be using? Which blight?

    Is there any reason to even take beacon of despair? I don't really 'get' what it does, it reads like it's supposed to redirect damage a bit and shift all the threat I generate while it's active into the beacon, so it's a threat shift mechanic?

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    defiler healing doesn't come together till late. to heal with defiler like it's intended, you need to get "rampant growth", which is a 25+ point skill. "rampant growth" allows you to dps and proc heals on your links.

    for healing, the beacon is there for dps because defilers are intended to heal while dps'ing. it also gives you an additional chance to proc heals with "pain transmission". i don't recommend solo healing with defiler till you have at least "rampant growth" and "link of suffering" for a 40% chance to proc heals. even then, defilers are not that ideal until you're at 60 and have good gear.

    so at endgame, defilers will not be casting foul growth. instead, defilers dps and wait for "rampant growth" to proc foul growth on the links to trigger with "loathsome restoration". hope that helps.

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