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Thread: New level 60 cleric tank, where should I go from here?

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    Default New level 60 cleric tank, where should I go from here?

    Just hit level 60 today. I'm using what I understand to be the standard 61\9\6 tanking build. I had no trouble with this build before going to the new content but after level 50 I had to lay of tanking and just dps, I had no toughness to speak of and was just too squishy. Now after that people told me to just relax, dps until I hit 60 then worry about gearing up. Now I'm 60 and I'm lost and looking for advise. As I understand it, I want to focus on toughness and hit until cap for each level of content while not ever forgetting about endurance. It's said that endurance really is the best spec over-all once capped. I can spend time worrying about block first then the other mitigation stats after I get the above stats sorted out.

    Now assuming that I have the theory well in hand, what I really need your help with is figuring out how to put that theory into practice (ie. gearing up). Now I have less than 1k plat, and less than 6K infinity stones, no guild (because I never joined one) and no crafting skills, what would you reminder as the best way to equip my cleric?

    It's a tall order I'm sure.

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    You will likely need to do some experts as DPS or heals to get enough marks for toughness gear. Otherwise it won't let you queue as tank. Alternatively you can get a holy-living-F-load of infinity stones and turn those into toughness gear.

    Focus on endurance to the exclusion of anything else. Half because it's important, and half because that's how people judge tanks. Truthfully 40kish HP with decent block/armor is enough to tank experts if your healer is competent. But people are used to 60k+ raid tanks and will complain when they don't get them. You'll be blamed for deaths even if they aren't your fault.

    You should get crafted the purple helm and belt, which are raid-equivalent and even better than some of the raid gear. Make sure you get one made with the purple augments, either pure endo or (likely cheaper) endo/block. If in doubt, link it and ask general chat if that's the BiS augment. People love to talk about that. Cost should be 150-200 plat each last time I checked.

    Hold off on buying a seal, as apparently new seals are going in next week. You'll want the best endurance one, again with an endo or endo/block augment. It is likely to cost your firstborn son. Start saving.

    Very important, get runes. At least in the slots where you can get endurance. Blue ones until you get gear you won't replace for a while, then orange ones. Prefixes to search for:

    Good luck, you are choosing a hard path.
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    There are dailies and tons of carnage quests in the 60s zones for more infinity stones. You're not far from getting the basic four pieces of 75 toughness each from the TB dealer. I don't know, maybe it was 8k stones total for that basic set. The upgrade costs are through the roof, but I'm hoping to just skip that with dungeon marks gear. The chronicles have a few pieces of tank gear. You can save 3k-ish stones with the toughness shoulders from one of them. Not much luck on the shield front, I went with a level 58 basic crafted. I didn't have the coin for a blue 60 and when I scrounged it up, the shield was no longer on the AH.

    Just when I assembled all of that, got the 300 hit, 300 toughness and 42k health, I decided to start playing with my old rift lite account toons, lol. Casuals for life.

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