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Thread: Returning Cleric, completely lost HELP!

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    Default Returning Cleric, completely lost HELP!

    Hello all, i am returning after a very long break and i need some serious help. I currently have a level 30 Cleric and i'm following the Duracell 1.11 Leveling guide. All seems well for the most part, trying to get used to aoe grinding. The issue i am having is gear. More importantly what stats should i be stacking? Do i need different gear to aoe dps and single target dps? I also need to find a cleric healing spec and what stats i need for that gear. I have tried to look on several different forums but it's difficult to figure out what i want to do with so many variations for the class. Any and all help would be appreciated.

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    Wisdom is the primary stat. Don't stress over stats or gear until 60, you can use the same gear to heal and dps with. The guides will tell you all about healing, pvp, etc. Rolling a druid with the faerie healer is easy mode.

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    Stop reviving the duracell build. It's dead. You'd be better off with any other dps spec.

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    i have found that duracell is indeed completely dead and your much better off going with druid/justicar and using the healing fairy

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