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Thread: Defiler PvP

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    Default Defiler PvP

    Hi all,

    Just a quick one: Bonds worth using in PvP? They seem to be constantly cured unless I'm missing something. Obviously ok in small fights, but when they have healers they seem to be gone before they've done any good.

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    Well I always try to put a layer first to see if its gets purget. If it does, I won't use it as it takes quite a few GCD to spread a stack of bonds. If it doesn't get purged, and no healing emergency, I try to keep a full stack as much as possible. It adds quite a bunch of damage and self survivability.
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    I use them when nobody is taking damage. Or when there are too many healers in the game and it's a big clump with nobody dying.

    Otherwise, no.
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