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Thread: cleric in need of help

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    Default cleric in need of help

    I a trying to do expert sl dungeons and no matter how hard i try i can not seem to do better than 3k dps and its ticking me off cause people keep kicking me out (which i know its understandable)

    my spec is 61 inquisitor and as i said no matter how hard i try i can not get any where

    i was told by some raid guildies my gear is fine its just my skills

    so i was wondering if anyone has any macros and skill rotations they can recommend because i look through this and i cant understand it. ive never used macros before so i dont know much about them

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    Oh, bugger. I had a nice guide written up when the browser crashed. You only get the brief version now

    61 Inq? Make sure you spend all 76 points. I suggest Watchful Gaze in Sent, and some points in Cabalist, if you don't have Defiler.

    Always be doing something, even if it's just flinging out Bolts of Judgement. Damage dealers should never need to stop dealing damage; downtime is their foe.

    Make sure you're using buffs. Every hour, or every time you die, re-cast "Armor of Awakening" and "Spiritual Scrutiny".

    Don't "Clip your Dots". Which is to say, don't cast Scourge or Vex more than once every 15 seconds. Doing so only overwrites them, preventing them from doing real amounts of damage.

    Make sure you're letting "Nysyr's Rebuke" finish. Moving or casting another spell during the three second channel stops it from channeling. Also, moving prevents and interrupts the casting of other spells, like Bolt of Retribution.

    Use "Bolt of Depravity" only when you have "Unified Theory", which is to say, only cast it after having cast 5 of either Bolt of Judgement or Bolt of Retribution.

    Everything other than your two buffs, Scourge, Bolt of Depravity, Bolt of Judgement, and Nysyr's Rebuke is more than you need if you're only hitting 3k. Learn to use the other stuff once you have that down.

    More advanced things:

    Use Bolt of Retribution instead of Bolt of Judgement immediately after casting Bolt of Depravity via Unified Theory. It casts faster for two casts, and that's the best (and only) time to use it.

    Use Vex in addition to Scourge, following the same once-per-15-seconds rule.

    Use Sanction Heretic instead of a BoR/BoJ cast whenever you can (every 15 seconds).

    Start using Fanaticism, at first whenever it's up. Graduate to using it just prior to the Bolt before Nysyr's Rebuke.

    After casting Nysyr's Rebuke, cast Radical Coalescence to be able to cast Nysyr's Rebuke again. Graduate to using RC after doing a Fanaticism>BoD>Nysyr's>BoR>BoD rotation, and then use that rotation again (RC>Fanaticism>BoD>Nysyr's>BoR>BoD).

    Use Soul Drain when there are at least three targets to kill.

    When there's more than one target, put Scourge up on as many as you can before getting back to your rotation.

    Use Purge on certain foes when they put up shields or double their size.

    Use Confound on foes when they're casting certain attacks with a blue castbar (interruptable casts).

    Put at least 8 points in Cabalist and add Dark Water to your list of damage over time attacks. Do actually clip Dark Water a bit early, since it does stack with itself.

    And those are your super basics. Start small, get good at them, and keep adding one or two more attacks until you've mastered them all.

    In my opinion. macros don't actually matter terribly much for Inquisitor, but I'm sure people have come up with one or two good ones to simplify things. I shall let them explain in more detail.

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    if you aren't shy of melee dps or Addons then you can follow my shaman guide. It uses Karuul alert addon to put on-screen alerts that tell you what button to push next in the rotation. Its geared to help new players learn the rotation, couldn't be any easier

    Link in my sig

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    Take a look at one of the hundreds of inquis guides and practice on the dummies. Alternatively you can play shaman with the kalert guide or druid (already easy mode). Ranged tends to be easier to avoid mechanics though.

    At least you came to the forums for help. Good man.

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