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Thread: Cleric vs Mage pvp\off healz help needed

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    Default Cleric vs Mage pvp\off healz help needed

    Good day to u all. I main a rb\temp or full vk or paly for pvp\pve and it's fun and all. However I want to try something new to spice up things.

    On this toon I absolutely do not care for pve content, it will be my go to 3-4 pvp matches per evening character, unless I like it so much that will main it. I'm interested in damage and\or off heals, not main healer cause will wipe pvp party in seconds by being bad with st heals, AOE HoTs are my thing.

    Now the reason I'm asking this on cleric forum is cause I lean towards cleric cause I got me a cleric friend who pocket heals my rb\temp in wf and doing an amazing job of keeping me alive even when I go crazy and melee.

    Now to actual questions:

    *Damage range: Inqui vs Pyro,
    -healer pressure?

    *Damage melee: Shaman\10druid\5?sent\justi vs Chloroharb,
    -1v1 taking point from 61sin in stealth?

    *Damage AOE: ? vs Cabalist\Defiler?,
    -port scion bridge wipe capability? etc

    *Off heal: chloro vs ?,
    -HoTs power?
    -any other usefullness?

    When I say pvp I mean lvl 60 geared.

    PS: bad grammar? weird writing? yeah... >eng not first language<, my bad....

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    You can't heal with HoTs.. it just doesn't work in this game.

    Inquis is less burst than pyro but similar sustained damage..

    Shaman has some burst over chloroharb and higher sustained but significantly less survivability and utility. Well behind chloroharb on disconnects..

    Cabalist is probably the top AE spec for mass bridge bombing now that they nerfed CE and Torrents... AE is generally pretty worthless though.
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