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Thread: Warden PvP Tips/Build?

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    Default Warden PvP Tips/Build?

    I normally heal warfronts as 61 sent, but I see many of the clerics I respect healing in some kind of warden hybrid. Yet, when I try to heal as 61 warden (tried tonight with only another healer in the raid), i just didn't have the output that I have as 61 Sent. Plus, I couldn't save someone who's being focused, like I can in 61 Sent. My casts seemed slow, and by the times the cast was done, they were dead.

    I must be missing something. Any suggestions for a warden build or playstyle for PvP?
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    Stay away from Warden outside of Scion and Conquest. Stick with Sentinel; it's (in most cases) the most effective healer.

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