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Thread: Question about Wand Mastery in Planar Attunement:Death

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    Default Question about Wand Mastery in Planar Attunement:Death

    if you spend points in the Wand Mastery in Death PA, does it mean pretty much permanent extra spellpower, as there is no reason why a high level cleric should ever play without a wand?
    (= very good investment of PA points)
    or does this extra spellpower activate only when you are actively using the wand, ie. shooting with it?
    (= complete waste of PA points, there is no reason why you would ever dps with your wand, unless you are trolling or doing some weird RP).
    I really don't wanna screw my PA progression, as resetting it at trainer is so expensive. Thanks!

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    It's permanent and always active. So it is an excellent investment.
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