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Thread: Healing (and Tanking) Experts

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    Default Healing (and Tanking) Experts

    You know story--played pre-expansion--left yadda yadda yadda

    Get my Cleric to 60, queue Experts. Support was pure dps (even after i noted that I will probably need support). I also noted to the group that this was my 1st run through on expert.Get kicked after 2 boss fights with the typical "Pass me lead for a sec" "You have been kicked from the group"

    Now aside from my rage that they didn't even have the cahones to tell me the problem first, I've obviously got the gear to queue. My healing is a bit rusty--I have 2 circular problems I could use some advice with.

    (1) I don't know the dungeons or what to expect. Really this is half (or more) of the battle. Yes there are guides, but most of them really can't sub for experience

    (2) I know I can queue healer (and now dps), but I no longer have a good idea of what a decent tank is (And being a good cleric, eventually I will tank cause we do it all ). "In the old days" I could tell if tank was overgeared, undergeared, etc... just by looking at his HP. I also have no idea where I am (other than on the low side) as far as heals. And of course being kicked with no feedback is about the most frustrating experience you can have. The one guy who did PM me said "Go buy expert gear" to which my response was something that will probably earn me a ban.

    So my question is: What kind of heals should I be putting out (I know HPS is a gimped metric as that depends of fight/tank). Or--for a gimped healer, is there a preferred spec that is less gear dependent. Right now 61 Sent (from Ahov's guide). Feel pretty comfy but there are times when the tank is getting beat down hard and I have trouble keeping him up. I used to be a raider with Warden and could heal anything even went Puri/Sent was all the rage. The skills are there--they may be rusty though. I've tried reg 60 dungeons but even then the groups are best described as "special" Had one instance last night where the healer dropped group AFTER the ready check and boss pull. I kept the tank up as a defiler for 75% of the fight but it was a losing cause.

    Second, whats a decent expert tank look like for HP. I've seen 30 - 40k HP in my groups. When we started at 50, 10k was a lot, then as the raid gear came down, it pushed up towards 15k. Generally 9k HP was good enough. Obviously that is out of date--Where are we now? (So i can know when to ask for support).

    Third--Do I have to part with my SHOE? He's so cute and I have no other trinket.

    Thanks for your feedback in advance.
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    40k Health is the bare minimum for a tank (in my and many other healers/tanks opinion). That's something you should easily be able to hit with gear and seal from the AH and from the world gear vendor.

    That said, sounds like the group you were in was jerky. I agree that you have to experience the dungeons yourself and that a guide only can do so much. Also, buying expert gear without getting the chance for marks... facepalm. So, credits are required now? lol

    I always ask in the beginning if anybody's new to the dungeon, and I 'underline' that I'm patient etcetera because I know some people are a bit afraid to say they're new even if you ask.

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    Did you by any chance ever go through any of the normal dungeons while you were leveling? These are a great learning experience as you'll have other similar players queuing who might not have done them before either. I'm not saying you can't jump right into experts, but if you're entirely unfamiliar with them, it might be more fair for you to step back to normals.

    Go through them to get used to some of the mechanics that are involved and what you'd be looking at if you had to heal them. Granted, the damage output and some of the mechanics are different in experts but not by much.

    I use my preferred 61 Sent / 15 Purifier spec when healing (although lately I've been using 61 Sent / 10 Puri / 5 Inq, along with the newly redone Purifier!) and that has always been the easiest way to heal the tank + party. It's just constant healing that you have to output and don't be afraid to use your cooldowns if you have to. Pop that Healer's Covenant if you think he needs it. That's what it's there for .
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    I suggest watching videos of dungeon runs. There exists dungeon videos with commentary explaining the fight. I try to imagine myself doing the dungeon while I'm watching.

    Reading guides alone isn't enough; study guides suggests that reading alone results in the least information-retention.

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    40kHP seems about the minimum for a tank. I just cleared an expert at 45kHP with no deaths or problems at all.

    HPS wise I think is a little harder to ballpark. You're right that it will vary depending on the encounter, but the spec also changes things. I run 61pur/15sent (for Touch The Light)/0warden, and I can do a few fights for 8-900HPS solo heal. Other fights, more like 1500HPS. I like 61pur a lot, but I think that learning the encounters in 61sent may be easier. With the recent round of Pur changes, keeping shields up on every party members takes a few more GCDs, which can be trouble if you don't know the encounters to shield everyone up for.

    Keep plugging away. About a month ago, I was in a similar cycle. Don't have great gear, get kicked after slightest trouble, can't get better gear. You'll pull through eventually, especially if you can find a guild to hold your hand.
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    Trying to give advice on the internet doesn't work.

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    Personally, I love healing in experts and I'm always using my 61 sent/ 15 puri spec.
    You will of course do more healing when you get better gear so if you are a bit under-geared (?) it might be a problem in the beginning, but you will soon sort it out with some experience.
    Healing in a nut-shell (just in general terms of course, sometimes you need to adapt to special circumstances):
    * Apply all your self-buffs and combat-buffs on tank and group
    * Shield the tank with Symbol of the Torch
    * Spam healing Invocation on the tank (this is your basic heal spell), can be combined with e.g. Healer's Haste for faster heals
    * In emergency, use Touch the light and Cruicial Invocation for very large heals
    * Even more emergency, use Fullness of Life
    * When you have used those two, don't forget that you can reset them with Renewed Altruism
    * Use Healing Breath and Healing Flare mainly on your dps:es or when you need to move.
    * Don't forget to cleanse with empowering Light and Cleansing Prayer

    And of course, getting the experience from the dungeons to learn all the mechanics and such are pretty important.

    Good luck!

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    As in most MMO's these days, you get an eclectic mix of nice players with patience knowing they too were at the "just-say-geared" level and those ******s who think everyone should be born with knowledge of exact fight mechanics and top tier raid gear and if you don't then they will kick you just because they want an easy ride for their daily.

    My advice is do what I am currently doing in your situation and not dive straight into experts, even if your gear says you can. I personally have geared a tank spec up purely for normal dungeon runs to get quick queue times and learn the dungeon basics from there before trying to heal them - i.e. know when to expect burst damage on the tank, when the dps are going to take some mild/moderate AoE, when best to use cooldowns etc... You also have plenty of youtube vids on each boss fight and plenty of websites explaining fight mechanics as well as guides on most efficient soul builds and best way to utilise your characters spells. If you can't be bothered reading these then you are already causing yourself more pain than needed and almost cancels out your ability to complain about your treatment in groups.

    If you can, try and chat to guild mates, or just in general chat and try and coax some others in the same situation for some more casual dungeon runs. One of the big problems I find with leaving and MMO for a while before returning is you automatically expect to be back in the deep end doing top level content as before without doing the build up to that level that you did have to do already but take for granted that you "were never that bad". Everyone has to learn, and i'm not being harsh here but you really should have been doing this learning curve en-route to 60, rather than power-level and then realise you can't step in and just run stuff you thought you could.....so take a step back, and learn the content better before jumping in to the higher level content!
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    I think that your main issue is that you don't have the experience to do expert dungeons yet. You said that the guides are no substitute for first hand experience but did you read them anyways? Also have you done the experts on normal mode?

    Normal mode is probably the best way to learn because it teaches you the basics of dungeon (trash pulls, bosses, basic mechanics, etc.) without the difficulty.

    As an extra step, you can queue as dps to learn the dungeons in expert first as it is slightly easier than tanking or healing

    Also did you tell the group that it was your first time in that dungeon? Most players tend to be more lenient if they know that you are legitimately new instead of thinking that you are bad. They will also sometimes give you tips on how to do it.

    I think I tanked my first experts with about 38k HP WAY back in the day. should be easier to get 40k no problem now.

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    from my experience if you can fill about 1/5 to 1/4 of the tank's health bar each time you cast healing invocation + whatever buff proc, you should be good, assuming the tank has about 40k to 45k hp.

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