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Thread: Cleric hybrid PVP spec

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    Default Cleric hybrid PVP spec

    Has anyone come up with a really good hybrid cleric spec for PVP? I am running with either 51/15 warden/puri or 51/15 Inq/puri so that I have good damage output, but also a little healing to save my rear when in a pinch. The problem is that sham/puri has very little ranged, so I end up chasing people and spamming a very weak Erkhard's Grasp while they blow me up. Inq/puri is all ranged, but it just feels so.... weak. You have two big nukes, max, and everyone knows to interrupt them.
    I have been looking at warden/druid for some more closers for chasing people, but the faerie healer seems super weak and gets 1-shotted at the beginning of every fight. Even if it didn't, its healing is nearly worthless in PVP.
    So, anyway, has anyone come up with a leet build? Warden/puri seems to work best, so far, even with its limitations. Run and gun builds will decimate it, though.
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