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Thread: Can someone explain links to me in PvP?

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    Default Can someone explain links to me in PvP?

    Hi all,

    Just trying a baby Defiler to help the Guards with their healing aversion (10 straight WFs yesterday and the only time they had a healer was a merc). Not sure I understand links. Went with the suggest build for now just to get the feel of it so Defiler/Purif.

    Seems so far that if I have 2 links up I'll be taking damage as well as the person I have the link on, but I don't have any group heals. Does that make it tough?

    Also, how do you know when your link is gone (cleansed or whatever it's called?)

    Love and a hug,


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    Quote Originally Posted by THEFUNKBOT View Post
    wow, how have I not seen this addon?! Its just what I need

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    You don't really take any damage from the links. You get a shield (something husk) that absorbs link damage, and a talent that puts up the shield every time you cast a heal. Since you are playing as a healer, that will always be up and absorb all link damage.

    My advice is to use only the best link you have. Switch it around to whoever is taking focus fire. Practice and get fast at switching it; it has no cooldown and is even off the global. Once you are good at it, you can throw in using the 2nd best link also. This is the reason to play defiler - if you aren't using links like this, you'd be more effective as sentinel.

    You have no AoE heal. ST-only. Your main heal is explosive growth. Trigger it with loathsome restoration. You can also spread them around then trigger several at once with feedback. Doing that is sort of halfway-AoE healing - but the downside is someone might just die with FG stacks on them while you are waiting to trigger it. If you can't get explosive growth (40 defiler) yet, I would suggest not playing defiler at all. It doesn't come into its own until you have that and some strong links.

    I tried the addon above but ended up preferring Clickboxhealer addon, configured to show links and FG stacks in the raid frames. I like the range tracker, it can fade frames for people too far away or out of LoS. And I don't have to turn it off when I play other specs. The downside is that if people join raid while you are in combat, their frames won't work until you either die or get out of combat and type /reloadui.
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