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Thread: Help a newb out?

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    Default Help a newb out?

    Hey guys, I recently started playing rift and immediatly knew I wanted to smack around stuff wielding a big two hander. I was looking at cleric but don't know which specc I should use for this? are there any viable cleric speccs that allow me to smack stuff with a big *** mace/sword or should I look to a warrior instead?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Druid is the best leveling spec and smacks stuff pretty hard. But the manliness quotient is somewhat reduced by the little shiney fairy following you around casting happy fairy spells.

    Shaman melees and does lots of damage, but I gotta confess that at least to me it feels like I'm spraying dots on stuff from melee range and spamming the "light punch" button. New druid has a lot more "smack" to it.
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