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Thread: Raid Heals

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    Default Raid Heals

    I am hoping for some basic direction around clerics and healing for raids. I understand that there are many types of healers and directions one may go, but specific to raids and dungeons and how that rotation usually works is what I am looking for.
    I usually play a rogue and just stand there and dps and get heals, but I am looking at starting a cleric and based on a rotation of a raid/dungeon is how I am going to adjust to how I play.
    Since I haven't ever done anytihng but 1 toon in this game I have some basic quesition:
    when doing a raid- what are the primary concerns? - I understand it is keep all alive, but are you doing grp heals or single target heals or bust heals for the tank and some group heals on top of that. I really haven't paid too much attention to how the dynamics work when getting healed. Is AOE healing better than point and click?
    Are dungeons handled the same way or is there another rotation for that?

    As for leveling, obviously dps is key so you can level- so how does that rotation work. When I level not too many other toons around so I am usually alone.

    Thank you and sorry for the basic, simple questions.

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    Healing isnt really done through rotations, but through understanding what abilities should be used to counter incoming damage (either in a reactivate, or preemptive manner, depending on ability/ how the damage happens.)

    Sentinal is for tank healing, and is a very powerful 5 man healing option.

    Puri is getting changed, but is currently based around very powerful tank cooldowns, and powerful raid shielding/ spot healing abilities. The raid shielding is kinda going away. But a lot of things will be different here. Expect real information once the changes are finalized.

    Warden is about burst raid healing and minor dps.

    Defiler is about link damage reduction, DPS, the best tank cooldown available, and some burst tank/spot healing.

    For leveling, use druid for serious solo survivalist/dps.

    Find guides in the guide section for a better overview on how to play these specs.
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