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Thread: Expert healing with as much dps as possible

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    Default Expert healing with as much dps as possible

    Hi there,

    I was wondering if there is a Healingspec that is able to deal more dps than the 61sentinel/15purifierspec and still be able to soloheal experts.

    Defiler seems to be the soul that could do the job but I'm a bit afraid of linking myself to 4people who might not stay out of voidzones

    Can I ignore these concerns and go defiler and still be able to heal experts? What subsouls would you advise?
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    Defiler can do more dps than sent.

    It just has less tools for healing through stupid, so really your dps will just depend on how much you have to save someone who stands in the fire.

    With the Puri changes, it should have more dps than sent. I plan to use it more often. That and healing lazers are fun.
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    I use 61 defiler almost exclusively for healing experts, the dps you can put out will be on a par with most dps specs when you've got groups eg emp core beginning mobs - 4 links plus the beacon makes PT hit hard.

    I only ever use rage blight too, you can kick out plenty of hps - with the crystal HR is the best HoT in game and that plus the foul growth stacks you accumulate by dpsing is enough to keep all but the most mechanic unaware of groups up.

    The only fights it's not viable on are the 3rd and last boss in SBP where you need 21 sent for the group cleanse but you only lose the 4th link and the oh s**t CD and can still kick out plenty of dps.

    In short, remember to spread BoP, MH and SV, then drop beacon temporarily and use PT on CD. That'll generate plenty of foul growth attacks to use alongside your HoT and tank CD. Best thing I did was create a macro to despawn your beacon, makes things much easier.
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    Defiler will do great DPS on trash because it has good AE. On bosses it can be more or less than sent depending on how much healing your group needs. The more you have to heal, the less DPS you do.

    Don't worry about the links, they can't really kill you any more. The only one that can is the one to your beacon, just don't leave your beacon in a one-shot. Use a "cancelbuff summon beacon of despair" macro to pick it up when needed.

    About half the instances I find easier to heal as defiler, regardless of DPS. 30% link makes keeping tanks alive super easy. Unless there is a lot of group damage or a lot of cleansing, defiler is better than sent at least for me (w/ 4pc raid crystal). It is worth learning for sure.
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    If you have a group with enough DPS, you can have your tank use his cooldowns and everyone else pop healing potions and you can kill bosses in 20-25 seconds.

    No healer needed.

    So in that case, Shaman would be a good healing spec.

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    If your tank is decently geared (at least full expert gear or 55k hp), then using defiler is really easy and you can using your rage blight vs the grief one.
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