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Thread: desperately need some dps guidance

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    Default desperately need some dps guidance

    i am level 59 and i just went through tower of the shattered and i was told how god aweful my dps is. my spec is 53 druid 0 shaman 22 justicar.

    my planar attunement is max fire and i have the first part of air done and 4 points in 2nd part.

    never used macros so i am here pleading for help from anyone to help me improve my dps so i no longer feel like a complete loser when in dungeons and for when i start doing raids.



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    Well first of all, if you're in a dungeon playing for DPS, you will not need to put any points into Justicar at all. It's purely for tanking or solo build survivability. In a group, it's the healers job to worry about your HP bar, and obviously running out of aoe's!

    Check the guides section of the forum and try either full Inquisitor for ranged, or full shaman or druid for melee. These are our top DPS specs right now. Druid is the simplest to learn, and if you enjoy it, stick with it. Look up some guides and try to get an understanding on macros. A macro is essentially just a button that combines a list of spells in order that fire off one after another. It saves you having lots of buttons on a bar, and makes the process quick and easy. Relying too much on macros wont net you the best dps, but you'll at least be on the right track. Most DPS guides will include common macros and instructions on how to use them. Simply copy the text into your macro box, save it, and drag the new button to your action bar.
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    I'd recommend grabbing Inquisitor in addition to whatever your favorite DPS spec ends up being. There are many fights where being ranged makes it much easier to survive. The current top dps Inquisitor is 61 Inq / 10 Cab / 5 Defiler, and there should be a guide available for rotations and macros.

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