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Thread: Nub asking if this PvP/PvE soul build is bad or not

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    Default Nub asking if this PvP/PvE soul build is bad or not


    I'm only 51 and leveling slowly so I have a long way before 60. I know by 60 I will surely want the 61 inquisitor skill so I would have to change up.

    I can't put anymore points in the Inquisitor tree until i level up, hence there's no way of investing more into inquisitor.

    I don't own the defiler soul yet (cheap skate), so this is the best one I can find so far.

    Healing and absorption tree's seem useless as they have been gimped so much in Storm legion.

    I like Ride of the Lightning just because it's extra mobility. I played druid in WoW during the time having bear in a heal spec. Being able to charge healers to get away from the damage dealers in a 2vs2 was epicly fun and useful. It also allows me to get close to range dps so I can fear much quicker than running in (example, if I'm running away and the rogue is on my back, I'll jump in, fear, then run away/port out).

    Cabalist is for the passive damage and Dark Passage rather than Dark Water. Dark Water really only becomes useful in long fights, and if you can make sure to keep a decent rotation up, which is almost impossible in PvP.

    Unfortunately, even though this spec gives incredible mobility and utility, I can't help feel a lot of it goes to waste in a 1vs1. No matter how much cc I use, Warriors and Rogues still seem to be able to catch up very quickly, or do insanely good range dps for a melee char anyway. Hence concentrating on zerging in melee may deem the more appropriate strategy, especially as I have no slows for kiting use. So basically the defiler tree would supply this burst and therefore I need to rob some money from my Mom's purse in order to get it.

    Saying that, Ride of the Lightning and Dark passage is great fun in general PvP and PvE.
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    if you really like the blink+charge you can keep it i think its a dps loss over something like defiler(since you dont have it it doesnt matter) at 58 you should have a much better time being able to spam bolt of judgement on the run with the move speed boost from judicial privilege is pretty effective and you can stand your ground against other casters with nysrs + confuse fairly well after you get your dots up faster with the lowered GCD

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