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Thread: Justicar Leveling 50+ Damage Issues

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    Default Justicar Leveling 50+ Damage Issues

    I'm looking for some suggestions on how to increase my Justicar's damage in 50+ content.

    I leveled up to 50 using what I call a CabalCar spec, which was 21 Cabalist, and the rest in Justicar. My single target damage has always been low, but ignored that on my way to 50 by always making sure that I was pulling multiple mobs whenever I could. With ToD from Cabalist my AoE damage was freaking amazing and combining that with the Justicar's survivability and healing meant that I didn't have any problems with survivability while doing the insade AoE (I don't have SL souls yet).

    Now that I'm in 50+ content though, the Cabalist AoE still hits fairly hard, but honestly not hard enough even for large groups of mobs because of how many hit points they have. For single targets my damage is just plain depressing. I can be sitting there smashing a mob in the face for over a minute before it dies.

    I tried switching my spec to replace Cabalist with Druid since that's what I see most people suggesting to increase your damage, and I changed my Justicar points up to focus a bit more on increasing my damage output and not quite so much on my survival since my survival was never an issue to begin with. What I found from doing that though, was that my damage really didn't improve much at all. Maybe that's because I'm not super familiar with Druid DPS, or maybe I should have used the DPS pet instead of the faerie healer (I haven't unlocked the seer yet). Maybe that's my problem, that I'm still focused too much on survival, and need to throw the DPS pet into the mix.

    I know for sure that I want to remain using Justicar as my primary soul. I know I'm leveling solo and my dps specs kill things just fine, but I enjoy Justicar more overall and really want to find a way to make it more viable as a solo leveling spec for 50+. I am currently level 52, and looking for any insights you have on leveling via Justicar from 50-60.

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    I leveled 1-60 as Justicar using this spec:


    In it he mentions using Inq when killing got slow and I was also aware of Ahov's Inq spec, however I never used either. Maybe I'm just more patient, or more willing to accept longer kills, but I loved the safety and simplicity of Justicar and so although I tried Inq at around level 52 it didn't last long.

    I'm raising a second Cleric on a different server and doing the same thing, she hit 51 in Ember Isle and will switch to Palledane shortly. Killing will slow down but I know I'll still not feel the need to switch to a totally different spec, one I've not needed before and one I'll never use again after hitting 60 .. for the relatively short time in between I'll stick to my beloved Justicar.

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