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Thread: Level 30-40 dungeon DPS

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    Default Level 30-40 dungeon DPS

    Hey all,

    First post here. Up until level 30 I have been playing as druid/justicar for solo reasons. Upon dinging level 30 and starting harder dungeons, I just find my dps somewhat lacking now on these mobs. I've had a look but can't quite seem to find a good build that will help me move up in the DPS chart for the dungeons. I'm not fussed if it's range or melee, but having some good AOE would be nice.

    My current build of druid/just puts out decent numbers but always find myself around 3rd with the top 2 always being mage/rogue.

    Any recommendations would be nice,


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    Might want to try running a pure DPS spec. Currently, I think Shaman is the top melee DPS soul for Cleric and Inquisitor is top range DPS soul for Cleric.

    Putting out high DPS helps clear the dungeon more quickly and it'll be more fun for everyone.
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    Inquisitor is by far the easiest option. DPS variants of Shaman and Druid will also outperform your solo spec. In all three cases you are going to put as many points as you can into the primary soul. Inq subsouls are at least 4 defiler (rage blight/blighted greed) then the rest in either defiler or cab. Shaman subsouls are inq (spellpower) and druid, druid subsouls are inq (spellpower) and shaman.

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