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Thread: Defilist testing wanted

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    Default Defilist testing wanted

    So i was working on a defiler hybrid build and i'd like some feedback if anyone would like to test it out a bit


    with the 20% link alone 5mans become alot easier with under geared tanks and with explosive growth incompetent healers can be give decent help when needed,
    the DPS is nowhere near great (i'm pulling 6-7k ST in my horrid gear)

    it brings some nice mitigation and spot healing together with ok damage output

    it really shines in pvp with the great burst you get from curse of discord -> marrow harvest -> tyranny of death -> Disintegration and the +20% healing/damage that you can switch between on the fly.

    the spam macro that i use is:
    #show Disintegration
    cast [notactive] Obliterate
    cast Marrow Harvest
    cast Tyranny of Death
    cast Disintegration
    cast Dark Water
    cast Hideous Reconstruction

    its not the highest possible dps but its easy and with it there are no channel spells that need to be cast

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    btw i am aware that this is very similar to Def/Cab "Swiss Army Knife" Build and Guide (http://forums.riftgame.com/game-disc...ild-guide.html) and i did take inspiration form it just adapted to the new buffs a little

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