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Thread: Cleric Solo Spec Help

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    Default Cleric Solo Spec Help

    Hello All clerics! I have recently only rolled a mage into T2 Raiding, and have finally gotten my cleric to level 60. What i basically did was buy a full tank set of gear for my cleric through my mage. BiS Essences, Crafted Gear, and IS Gear. Now i know how to play the tank and have about 60K hp. The downside is, i have very few pieces of DPS gear (crafted maul, belt, helm, and a couple rings, and a couple other blue pieces i picked up tanking experts). Any who, i tried a shaman build out, but it seems slow to me, i'm either doing it wrong, or its just not for me, or the guide i had read was terrible. So what i am particularly asking is if someone can link me to a great solo guide, Something with Stuns, average dps, and great self heals. Something along the lines of a harb/cloro like a mage solo role. Thank you in advance to everyone who offers me a suggestion.

    ( Not much Cleric experience) 1-20 ( inq) from when i made my first char. 20-54 (crafting dailys) 54-60 druid.

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    I'll give you my solo build and let you go from there. I would give you a calculator, but since they aren't updated for the changes yet I will just type out what the build is.

    32 Justicar/44 Druid/0 Shaman

    By lines, these are the points.

    Justicar - 32

    Row 1: 5-5
    Row 2: 2-5-3-1
    Row 3: 0-0-0-1
    Row 4: 0-0-0
    Row 5: 1-0-3
    Row 6: 1-0-3
    Row 7: 1-0-1

    Druid - 44
    Row 1: 3-5
    Row 2: 2-1-0-5
    Row 3: 0-5-0
    Row 4: 1-5
    Row 5: 1-3-0
    Row 6: 0-2-0
    Row 7: 0-3-1
    Row 8: 1-3-2
    Row 9: 1

    Shaman - 0

    Use the tank pet if soloing elite mobs, otherwise I use the faerie pet. Make sure all your buffs are up (spirit of upheavel etc) and aoe with Even Justice. This build is great for 5 mans to play a support role, you get 3 interrupts, and a battle rez. You also get a good amount of healing, 1.5-2k hps on a tank if you have 5 targets for even justice, and 1k or so on a single target.

    #show Combined Effort
    cast Resounding Blow
    cast Combined Effort
    cast Bolt of Radiance
    cast Strike of Judgment
    cast Trickster's Bolt

    This is my only macro. I use Hammer of Duty when I get to 7 convictions. This solo build is fine for every gear level.
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