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Thread: Cabalist transformation? Possibility?

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    Default Cabalist transformation? Possibility?

    Hi there. This has been my favorite soul ever since I started the game when it launched.

    I realize that the necromancer and harbinger souls have transformations.

    However, the name "Cabalist" in my opinion is the coolest soul name in the game and unfortunately there is really nothing iconic about it.

    Generally, most of the time you would expect a cabalist to summon something, which it does not. That's all fine and well, but could there be a possibility of perhaps having the cabalist turn into some form of death demon for like 30 seconds?

    Maybe have two possibilities, a single target one and an aoe transformation? I love how the soul plays, just I think it could use some flashier stuff.

    Any thoughts on this?

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    That would be fkn awesome.

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    I want to turn in to Prince Kaliban.

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