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Thread: I am confused, please help....healing 5 mans

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    Default I am confused, please help....healing 5 mans

    I am a little confused by the healing over all in Rift. I was a Cata raid healer (resto shaman) and i was able to just utterly own 5 man content. I am only level 31 in game and i am trying to level up while doing 5 man content and would like to have a very nice build for 5 man reg/expert. I keep reading that I HAVE to use the 61sent/puri build to do so. What I do love is warden healing, and puri shields though. Is there a feasible warden build or am I just going to have to declaw myself and use what i am being told to use with the Sent??? In the 5 mans now, Yes I can easily keep a tank up with my Sent, however in some of the fights where the whole party takes damage Someone always dies cause I only have one AoE that heals for like 200, which is useless.
    Thank you for any advice you can give to this new player!!!

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    Sent uses improved healing breath and healing flare spam to group heal, with divine call as a cooldown (and to a lesser extent, puri shields). If your group is taking more aoe damage than that, they are failing the encounter. I realize it's hard to tell that this is the case, and it's not just you.

    If you want, there's a build in the guide section that is heavy warden and mostly uses instant heals and does have very good aoe healing. I don't think it's very good for 60+ content but it should work while leveling. It's just... I don't know if it's a great idea to get used to something you're going to have to bail on eventually.

    This being said, there are big purifier changes coming possibly tomorrow, and I don't know how that will fare as a 5-man healer, but you might want to play around with it.

    Make sure you have marked by the light as well, and 1/3 merciful appeal. MBTL will top off people who take a little damage while healing the tank.
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    pre 60 u can use anything and win

    i used the preset build warden/sentinel build and it was a cinch. got to 50 np then it became harder but still np. then at 60 u HAVE to go sentinel. and warden or purifier for certain fight. but at 60 u will want a sentinel, warden and purifier build. if u ever want to raid tht is.

    i was like you..i was a resto tree druid in wow and wanted to warden heal cuz it resembles a tree the most. i played warden til 60. then i finally realized tht u can't just stick with 1 spec. u have to have one of each. esp if u want to raid. cuz each fight/encounter require something different. if ur like me go with the warden/sentinel preset then switch completely to pure sent and pure ward for raid. the preset will teach u how to play both spec pretty well
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    Thank you all for your help. I am running a warden puri build with 13 points in puri and everything else going into warden while leveling, as long as teh tanks are not face pulling the whole dungeon i just keep casting three HoTs and then ripple if the group takes damage and orbs and shield if the HoTs are not holding up the tank, and by then the mobs are dying and the HoTs take back over.
    I am very sad to hear that once i hit level 60 i am going to have to give up the warden for doing 5 mans. Seems kinda strange to make it so every cleric that wants to heal 5 mans and experts HAS to play a sent, But, I guess that is how the devs have made it.

    PS I just made 40 yesterday.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sylvaneste View Post
    I am very sad to hear that once i hit level 60 i am going to have to give up the warden for doing 5 mans. Seems kinda strange to make it so every cleric that wants to heal 5 mans and experts HAS to play a sent, But, I guess that is how the devs have made it.
    you can heal them with defiler or purifier too, i wouldn't recommend it until higher levels though (58-60).
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    Getting the 41 point skill in Warden, Pool of Restoration, will tremendously help. Also, cast Shared Excess on yourself. Then what you want to do is keep 4 stack of Soothing Stream and Healing Spray on both yourself and the tank. The overhealing on yourself will spread to the tank and others while the stacks on the tank.. heal the tank, lol. Then use Geyser for a little dmg, extra healing (small now, a lot better with 61 point buff), and the Dangers of the Deep buff that increases healing and HoT times. In case the tank is in dps gear, like a lot of new tanks, you still have Overflowing Renewal, Orbs, and all of your other tricks to use on them.

    Something that also helps, and that I have yet to get around doing, is to get an addon like Karuul Alerts or some kind of timer. Makes managing your HoT's and buff stacks a lot easier to prevent them from falling off before you get a chance to refresh.

    Edit: Warden is not obsolete at 60 in 5-mans. Sentinel is just easier with bigger ST heals. There are a few 5-man bosses like the spider in Unhallowed and the electric guy in Tower I switch from Sent to Warden for better AoE heal and HoT's if I get wrapped. Once you reach 10/20 mans, Sent and Warden switch with Warden being the primarily used and Sentinel situationally used.
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    It is possible to solo heal any 5 man dungeon currently in the game with warden. ( I made myself test every cleric healing spec in every 5 man fight. Some were a lot harder than others but its totally doable to heal any expert dungeon on any fight, even with 61 defiler).

    To solo heal with warden with the goal of eventually doing it with a 61 warden (if you are dead set on this go for it, but i did find it easier to keep the tank up in other specs),

    I used Karuulalert to manage my hots on my focus target (usually the tank), I kept shared excess on him and never let the hots fall off. I refreshed my hots because they were all set in macro's to be cast at focus. I used geyser to keep the deeps buff up which greatly improves your healing, and I used overflowing renewal because they buffed it up quite a bit to help out wardens in five mans. It hits hard if you have all your buffs up. Using Kalert for your hots helps a ton to, and when the tank or group is taking minimal damage you can even have Kalert keep track of your DOTs for your too so you can contribute there as well. I used the orbs if I needed it in emergency for tank healing as well. I also used the blessing and rest of the points in sentinal to gain addition single target and tank healing capabilities. It really is a fun spec.

    I would hold off on using the puri/warden combo you are thinking about though. Puri is changing pretty soon and I'd wait for it to find its final set before learning it.

    Again warden is not the best for keeping a tank up though its doable. The lesson is, if the tank dies, and no one else does either, then no one cares what spec you use. So if you learn it and get good at it, its not a problem to use.

    i would still keep a sent spec on backup though for fights where tanks get huge damage but the group takes hardly any.

    If you want more tips or leveling tips as warden or even my kalert setup for my 5 man warden send me a whisper and I can get those too you.
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