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Thread: PvP Melee Healer

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    Default PvP Melee Healer

    After getting my main to 60, I am turning to my Cleric. I primarily PvP, and I am looking for a build similar to the old M*A*S*H build (Justicar/Shaman/Warden), as I like doing melee DPS, but also like to be able to heal myself and off-heal the group. Is the M*A*S*H build viable? If not, what is a decent starting point for a melee off-healer?
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    -icar healing is dead. Healing with any kind of a melee soul is dead too. The gift system pretty much killed hybrid healing damage builds too.

    I'd say your best bet is probably some kind of warden build for a damage/healing hybrid, but frankly I think you'll end up giving up in frustration before long.

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    I think it's pretty gimped now with the weak DoL, the cleanse now requiring more talent points, and the change to MoH. At least Salvation seems like something in 5m, though idk if it does much in pvp.

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    I had a similar MASH setup back in the day. I have tried it recently, and it is long dead.

    Trust me, I miss this spec, but it is in no way excusable anymore to avoid running a real healing build.

    Shaman and Justicar are terrible in PvP right now.

    If you want to DPS and Heal a little or vice versa, run a hybrid build with Inquisitor and Defiler.
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    One remaining possibility is to go justicar / sentinel, for example 54/22. Spamming AOE melee, the salvation healing is significant (on par with real AOE healers). It is usefull for example in scion to push the line (tank + high passive healing), but it is quite situational (you need enough people, and both ennemies and allies packed and close to each others).

    Although for this you need justicar cystal, so I don't know if it works for level <60.
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    Druid male pet heals plus warden for aoe heals ? Clerics seem bad at pvp this days...Mage/warriors dominate mostly....

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    Quote Originally Posted by rglaredo View Post
    Druid male pet heals plus warden for aoe heals ? Clerics seem bad at pvp this days...Mage/warriors dominate mostly....
    depends on who the cleric is, ever see my scores in a warfront?

    anyway, I made a video a while back when someone asked about melee healing


    its not as overpowered as it was back in the day but, you COULD if you REALLY wanted to. as you can see, the first hit is me aoe healing for 700 crit with reparation. I mean thats not HORRIBLE.
    obviously you know you are dealing like no damage, but you can TAKE damage and heal for a little bit.
    you could be extreme and take most of your points out of justicar and put them into healing trees. the more points you put into healing the more healing reperation will do.
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    You could give the following a go:


    This is mainly a build I put together to make the healers on my team as tough as possible while drawing focus from the opposing team.

    Basically you link up as many healers as you can and take damage for them; start with Mein of Honor, switch to Mein of Leadership when you are being focused fired. Pretty much a PvP tank. Stand on the flag (if applicable) spamming Even Justice, tab target apply as many foes with bonds, time Marrow Harvest detonation with Hammer of Duty @ 7 stacks for a good burst. Turn on GODMODE when you get low (Resplendent Embrace, Just Defense) (not at the same time unless needed though)

    I'll need to check the guides to see if there's one up for this spec, if not I'll try to make one in my spare time unless anyone else does first, as long as they give proper credit.

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