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Thread: 2.3 essences

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    Default 2.3 essences

    I've been catching up on content the last couple months and have not really stepped into the dendrome. I know there are new factions to chase, but I'm curious about these new essences.

    Seems like the greater essences are now preferred over the lessers for stats? If so, what are the ones I should be looking for? I hear they are super rare to get.

    Also, I see there is a way to combine essences with torvan/lycini to get a relic essence. How does that work? Again, what is the cleric community shooting for?

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    The lessers you want to get are noted here. A filter per spec is located to the bottom right of the page.
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    Summary of spreadsheet:

    Get spellpower and crit power essences. Do not get crit rating. Spreadsheet has no opinion about the greater essence procs and only rates them on their stats.
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    They have BiS lists that can show you (roughly) what is better than others. Gear is fine, but the Greaters don't usually account for the proc/proc rate unless that's changed recently.

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