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Thread: Geyser - classification + procs.

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    Default Geyser - classification + procs.

    Ok so first of all id like to say i HAVE read most of the other posts regarding geyser but i just want to ask for consistancy for this ability.

    Geyser as we all know is a damage ability that heals upto 10 people in the party/raid, so you would assume that its a damage ability that procs a heal (like salvation) right? wrong. it is able to proc other affects so this is classified as a heal.

    so then why can geyser proc the purifiers signs, weapons, greater essences and trinket procs that require the use of ST spells and yet it CANNOT proc blessings with the same tooltip description?
    why is Geyser classified as a ST heal instead of an AoE (which it clearly does), surely changing it to be AoE based will synergise the soul better? i have seen many people wanting Reef barrier to proc from Geyser but all i would like is Bosuns Blessing to proc.

    now atm i use 10 Justicar in my 58 Warden as i have found the highest returns from this over Bosuns Blessing as i am yet to see a decent use for it, plus it gives me an extra 500+ heal (yes its only 5 other people but from what ive seen it is a smart heal) when using geyser making it powerful enough that i can spam in between CD's/refreshing HoT's.

    so is it too much to ask for consistancy with procs? please make it able to proc things like Healers Blessing and Caregivers Blessing or change it to proc Reef Barrier and Bonus Blessing.

    *braces, for incoming flamings*

    P.S loving the changes to everything else going on PTS for warden but would like this to be added as a QoL change
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    You know I have often wondered why it will proc ST buffs in the other souls and not the AoE buff in its own soul.

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    Maybe Trion thinks it will be overpowered? Being able to keep up permanent Reef Barrier and having Bosun's giving it a big boost in healing, and such.

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